Important questions

Question:  Can I have 4-5 trainings/treatments per week?

Answer: Two, maximum three EMS treatments are recommended for a week, to ensure the regeneration of the body and muscles. For the remaining days we recommend traditional, not overly tiring sport activities.

Question: Is it possible to choose the treatment with maximum performance already on the first training, to achieve the highest possible effectiveness?

Answer:  It is not recommended. The principle of step by step training and the physical condition should not be left out of consideration, the training must be individualized. Your instructor helps you with that during the whole treatment.

Question: Is it possible to choose 50 minutes long treatments instead of 20-25 minutes long ones?

Answer: It is not recommended: if the muscles’ regeneration is not ensured, overloading occurs instead of the improving and developing effects.

Question: Will I have muscle stiffness?

Answer: Probably yes. During the treatment all the muscles are being stimulated.

Question: Should I follow a diet?

Answer: Yes, you should. Amongst others, the treatment provides fat-burning and muscle-building effects, and for (re)building muscles you need protein instead of fat and carbohydrates.

Question: Can everyone take part in the EMS training?

Answer: Yes, over the age of 18 anybody may use it, independently of gender or age, even after the age of 60.

With the exception of the following cases:

 1) Pacemaker or other electric medical device planted inside of the body

2) Cardio-pulmonary pacemaker or other vital medical device planted inside of the body

3) Having an electrocardiograph or other electric medical devices.

4) Menstruation or pregnancy

5) Being prone to epilepsy or other spasmodic attacks

6) Heart and cardiovascular diseases and disorders, as it would be too risky for health.

Question: Should I consult with my doctor in advance?

Answer: Consulting in advance is recommended in cases of:

 1) Serious illness

2) Tumorous illness

3) Infectious illness

4) High fever

5) Blood pressure disorder

6) Overly sensitive skin, dermatological illness, skin insensitive to touching or extremely dry skin.

7) Other unusual symptoms

8) Metal implants inside of the body

9) Fresh scar because of surgery.