Advantages of E-fit Device

The EF-1280 device is created by using the latest technology and has been specifically developed for active exercise combined with full body muscle stimulation. The E-FIT device with its easy navigation ensures personalized settings to effectively satisfy the needs of customers. During the 20 or 25 minutes trainings or procedures only the muscles are trained in a tendon and joint friendly way. The E-FIT whole body stimulating EMS training is an extremely effective method for losing weight, forming and building muscles and shaping body. The E-FIT equipment stimulates the whole muscular system simultaneously meanwhile 12 individual sections can be trained and stimulated with different intensity depending on the user’s daily form and condition. The trainings and treatments are completely personalized because each training is controlled by a personal trainer who sets the intensity and adjusts it to the user’s purpose and condition.

Advantages of the E-FIT device:

  • The EF-1280 machine has 12 independent channels ensuring that the electrodes cover almost the whole muscular system. The equipment has a modern voltage and frequency controller device.
  • The special training clothing is made of breathable antibacterial material, which guarantees the right hygiene, physical comfort and it keeps the electrodes in the appropriate position.
  • The cables are built inside the clothing so they do not hinder while training, it enables free movement and due to the flexible belts it is comfortable to wear and it keeps the electro cables on the appropriate muscle group. The special electrode cables can also be used for medical treatment and physiotherapy.
  • Within the training clothing there are 10 electrode pairs and each pair of electrodes moves only one group of muscles simultaneously (the calf, the thigh flexor and tensor muscles, the great bottom muscle, the deep back muscle, the upper back muscle, the abdominal muscle, the pectoral muscle, the biceps and triceps). The electrodes are attached to the muscles of the limbs by separate well adjustable belts.
  • During the training electric impulses intensify gradually preventing from a sudden jerk-like feeling.
  • The strength, the depth and the duration of the impulses are adjustable separately ensuring more customized settings.
  • The intervals between the impulses can also be adjusted in terms of the level of fitness and the frequency of the exercises.
  • The duplex waves generated by the SD dual technology reduce the accommodation of the muscles and the nerves.
  • The machine case and the stand are made of massive stainless steel, the clothing and the cables are equipped with professional metal connectors.
  • The top quality E-Fit clothing allows quick and easy positioning of the electrodes.
  • The cables are easy to remove and reinstall, so maintenance is absolutely hassle free.
  • The purpose-built clothing hanger comes with a wetting kit as well as a water-collecting sponge set to help keeping the area safe and tidy.
  • The electrodes are covered by a special coating and designed for the specific muscle group both in size and shape, ensuring not only perfect contact and efficiency, but also ergonomic comfort.
  • The E-Fit pack can be extended with extra size dresses, allowing guests in the range of 40 to 200 kilograms to be completely E-Fit.
  • There are various types of custom-fit suitcases and trolleys to the EF-1280 machine and its accessories, so transporting is safe and easy.

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