Medical Device

The E-FIT EF-1280 M is a certificated medical device with CE 1020 Medical Certification. It can only be used by professionals for therapeutic goals and for prevention, rehabilitation. The special whole body EMS training represents a timesaving, very effective all round training that has far-reaching, positive effect. At the same time therapeutic as well as preventive objectives are achieved. E-FIT whole body EMS training achieves preventive goals such as muscle formation, body contouring and improvements in mood, vitality, body stability and general performance.

Therapeutic goals that can be achieved include:

  • getting in shape again and strengthening the perineum for women after childbirth – intimate gymnastic.
  • training in a joint and tendon friendly way. For those who suffer from joint problems E-FIT training can be the best solution.
  • training elderly in a safe but effective way.  At a low training volume and a short period of intervention whole body EMS training exhibits significant effects on the body composition of older persons. Thus whole body EMS could be an appropriate alternative to conventional training programs for people with low cardiac capacity and joint problems.
  • treating dystrophy – E-FIT training is one of the best methods for those who need physiotherapy, physical rehabilitation. The EMS device helps stimulate muscle tissue that may not be affected by regular exercise routines. They will stimulate damaged muscle tissues resulting in restoring, toning, and strengthening of the damaged tissue. The pulses stimulate the tissue fibers to certain degrees and patterns which decreases muscle degeneration caused by nerve atrophy.
  • relieving pain. The E-FIT device gently stimulates the nerves.
  • recovery from an injury or after surgery as soon as possible. EMS technology increases local blood circulation by stimulating muscle tissue, strengthening the muscle tissue to promote healing, maintaining or increasing the range of motion, muscle re-education, and the stimulation of calf muscles to prevent venous thrombosis.
  • combating back ailments. Nowadays many people suffer from the most common ailment: back pain. Stress, unilateral strains, and neglect of the back musculature are the main sources of the complaints. Over time, the conditions become chronic and intensify further. The solution is E-FIT EMS back training!

One of the most important effects of the electric muscle stimulation is the ability to train the deeper muscles, such as the back- and spine supporting muscles. These muscles are responsible for our posture and due the sedentary lifestyle these muscles can become weaker leading to low back pain problems. Muscle stimulation helps to strengthen these muscles to carry out their function properly.

With targeted, individually controlled training, even the more deeply seated, stabilizing muscle groups are activated and strengthened – conventional training can only reach them with difficulty. Thanks to EMS the spinal column gains stability. The back is unburdened perceptibly. Certain muscular dysbalances are evened out and the trunk musculature is strengthened. This is the ideal way to a healthy, strong back.