Targeted muscle building

This programme can be applied as an additional training of the slowly developing muscle groups. Beside the stimulation of the whole body (recommended because of increased circulation) there is also an intensive training of a selected muscle group in 20 minutes. The stimulus of the deep-lying muscles, varied by the microprocessor-controlled E-fit device can be used not only for targeted exercise (joint problems, poor muscle functions) but also for the development of those muscles which are hard to rip. In case of one-sided sports, when one side of the body is weaker than the other, the training can be used to develop the weaker side so that it can catch up with the stronger one. This sort of imbalance can occur in everyday life too, mainly because of the type of the work and genetic reasons. The sitting lifestyle causes the shortening of some muscle groups, mostly the holding muscles, which causes deformations in the muscle frame. With the targeted training of the highlighted muscles, electric muscle stimulation can be an excellent solution for this problem too.