Fat burning

This programme performs a higher level of stimulation using a combined waveform specifically for the problematic parts of the body. This setup increases the oxygen consumption of the cells and burns calories and fat faster. In addition to a full-body workout, the intensive training of the specific body parts with EMS ( electro muscular stimulation) brings the expected results. The low-frequency and low width of the pulses specifically stimulate the surface layer – wherein the fat layer is located – and stimulate its metabolism. This type of stimuli does not affect deep muscles, thus the exercise programme is based on continuous, dynamic movements, with the help of the personal trainer. These exercises can be further intensified by using a step-bench, hand or leg weights. The key to the weight loss programme is to keep the pulse rate within the fat burning zone. This can be easily controlled by the use of a heart rate monitor watch, but experienced personal trainers are able to keep the heart rate in the right zone. Positive results can be seen within a month, especially if combined with a healthy diet and the use of fat burning diet supplements.

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