Body toning and postpartum recovery

The output pulse of this programme is low, directed towards muscles (leg, upper arm) that are densely concentrated with nerves and thus prone to tetanus caused by over-stimulation. The programme can also be used for strengthening weak back muscles and post-natal problems.
This special training programme helps the regeneration and firming of muscles and connective tissues prolonged during pregnancy. Soon after pregnancy abdominal muscles can regain their original tone and condition with this programme. During breastfeeding EMS training is not recommended as it can cause changes in the level of lactic acid, changing the taste and composition of the milk. This is not the result of training of the chest muscles, but the intense exercise throughout the entire body (this is of course not specific to EMS trainings, but is a general phenomenon). In the phase of breastfeeding when the baby starts eating solid food, a gentle lower body workout can be performed. After breastfeeding the intensity of the workouts can be gradually increased and the EMS training will help to regain one’s pre-pregnancy figure or even a better physical condition within a short period of time. Best results can be achieved by gradually increasing the intensity of the workout sessions.

Body toning and postpartum recovery with E-fit ( EMS, Electrofitness)Е-фит EMS тренировка електрофитнесизображение6